Organization is the highest element in data management hierarchy, so the first thing to start with Fusionmint is to create Organization. To create an Organization, select the bars on the left and then click on "New Organization" (as highlighted) or click on "+Organization" present at top left.

Fill in the information on the next screen and click save, organization is created. When Organization is created, you will see the following screen (as in the image below). This is the Organization view and provides you options to create workspace, add members etc.

To add users to the Organization, go to Members tab and click on Add/Invite users from top left. Now enter email address, first name, and last name of the user you want to add. Entering email address is required. 

When the members in the organization is added it get listed under the members section (as in the picture below).

Creating Workspaces:

A Workspace created in an Organization, is accessible only to  those members who are a part of the Workspace. Almost everything in Fusionmint is done in a Workspace. There can be several workspaces in an Organization. Here is how you can create Workspaces:

In the Organization view, we have Workspace section on the top left, click on that. Under the section there is a blue button which says Workspace on it, click on that to create the Workspace and fill out the information on the next screen, click Save.

When the Workspace gets created, you will see the following screen. This is a Workspace view and gives you options to create and install Applications, add members to workspace etc.

This is how you can create Organization and Workspace to get started with Fusionmint. You can create as many as workspaces in an organization as per your business requirement. 

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