The first steps towards inviting/adding members to the workspace is creating role. A Role is simply grouping of members on the basis of type of access provided to them in a workspace. There are two types of Roles in Fusionmint: System Role and Custom Roles. System Role are further classified into Administrator and Member Role. 

The members in Administrator role have got full access to the workspace and the members in the Member role have complete access to all the applications of the workspace but this access can be customized anytime.

To get started, go to the workspace and then select Roles & Users tab (as in the screenshot 1 & 2). The Workspaces can be selected either by going to the Organization view or by navigating to it, as shown in the 1st screenshot.


Click on " Add Role" and type in the name and description of the role you are going to create. Click Save.

The Custom Role is now created and to add members click on the "+" icon and select the existing members of the organization from the drop down or invite user outside the organization by typing in their email address and click on Add Member.

Now a member is added to the custom Role. More members can be added to the custom role in the same way. Like the way we have added members in the custom domain, similarly we can add members in admin and guest role etc. A member can be removed from the workspace by clicking on  the "-" sign in front of the user email. The operations like adding, removing members, creating roles etc can only be done by the workspace administrator.

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