Domain exist under Workspace and govern the kind of access you would like to give to different users in Workspace. Domains are used to control the access to Applications with Workspace users. 

Here is how you can create Domain:

Select the Workspace for which you want to create the Domain, and then select Access Control.

Select New Domain from the top and then fill out the information it ask for, click Save.

Apart from the Name and Description field, there are two more fields called Restricted and Guest. If you mark a Domain as Restricted then you are further narrowing down the access control of the members added in the domain i.e. all the items of the application will not be available to the members but the the ones for which the access is given to the domain members using sharing rule.

And if marked as Guest, they are considered as FREE users and do not need a paid account to access the system. They have limited access and can perform only 3 roles:

  • View Data like Applications and Items to which they have access
  • Complete Tasks assigned to them
  • Comment on Tasks, Items
You can mark a Domain both as Restricted and Guests at the same time.

The first thing to do after the creation of domain is to add users to the Domain and to do so select User & Role from the right panel and select Add Member as highlighted in the image below. 

Now, you will be given options to select the members from. You can select any Organization role, Workspace role or you can select the members individually. Select the roles or the members from the drop down and click Add Member and the members get added to the domain. To remove the member from the workspace, click on the "-" sign under manage.

Now when the users are added we will setup the access of the applications by going to the Application section present at the top. 

The Application section shows the list of all the applications that are installed and the fields of the app selected. To Control the View, Create, Edit, Delete access of the Application and fields, select the corresponding checkbox for the type of access you want to give to the members. After selecting the desired access for the Application and the fields click Save Domain.

The checkboxes that are selected for the corresponding application access to only those actions (View, Create, Edit, Delete) will be available to the domain members. In case of restricted domain, setting up sharing rule is important. For more information on sharing rule click here.

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