Custom applications do not have any fields by default but there are 18 types of fields available that can be added to the application as per the requirement. Fusionmint offers you many fields to add from and you can also control the access of those fields. However the access control of the Application and its fields is not covered under this article and for the information on access of Application and its fields click here. Fields can be added to the installed apps as well as to the created/custom apps however the fields already present in the installed apps cannot be deleted. To add fields to the custom apps, follow the steps below:

Go to the Application view and select the app to which you want to add fields.

Select Field Setup from the application view (as highlighted).

Now click on Add Field button and you will see a list of field to select from.

Select the fields that you want to add to your app and fill the information it ask for. In the help section type in the help text, to make it easier for the application users to fill in the fields and in the description section type in the description about the field (the description section is for internal use and can only be seen by the administrator). To make any field required (Mandatory) in the Application select the Required checkbox, Click Save to save the field setup.

In the same way you can add more fields to the created or to the available applications. There are about 18 fields available, that can be used to make the apps versatile. As stated above the fields can be added to the available apps as well but the fields which are already present in those apps cannot be deleted.

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