Applications are created under Workspace and contain your data that could be anything from your CRM Contacts, Customers, Sales Deals to any kind of custom data you would like to store and manage. Fusionmint Applications come in two flavours, Standard and Custom apps. Standard apps. that are pre-made by Fusionmint come with advance features for different business solutions such as Sales, Marketing, Project Management and more. Custom apps. are the ones that you can create yourself suitable to your business needs, this could anything from your Inventory, HR Leave Applications or just about anything you can imagine.

As an Administrator you can manage the application using the tabs shown below:

Item: This tab shows list of all the Items in the Application. Your app. may have high level of access control and you may limit the access to your users. So your Users might see limited items, but you can an Administrator can see all items here. This can help you to administer all items easily.

File: This tab shows list of all Files inside the app. There is nothing really to administer here, just a flat list of files for easy search and grab if you are looking for a particular file by name.

Task: Task tab gives an overview of tasks status for all Items in Application. This is more of a management tab for your company executive team (CXO) to review the Company progress at Application level. 

Configuration: You can configure your app settings from this tab.

Field Setup: Using this tab, you can create and manage Application Fields that can be tailored as per your business needs.

Field Access: Using this tab, you can control what fields should be visible to users, and whether they have access to change field values during editing records.

Layout: Use this tab to build a custom layout for your field forms. This layout will be used to display fields in Create, Edit and View screens in the order that you setup here.

Form: Create public forms for creating data directly into your app by embedding them into websites or sending form links. Use these forms to ask non-Fusionmint users to edit data without giving them access to your Workspaces.

More details on administering Applications are available here Creating and Managing Applications

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