Role is a collection of users and usually meant to group users with similar work profile/access capacity in Fusionmint. Roles exist both for Organization and Workspace.

Roles created under an Organization are visible and can be re-used across Workspaces. Roles created for Workspace are limited to only the Workspace and not outside them. Organization Roles have the benefit of easy administration, you can group a common set of users under them and re-use them to provide access to multiple Workspace as needed. Workspace Roles are usually used when you want a set of users to access only one particular Workspace like your external partners and vendors.

Roles are classified as:

- System Role: These are system managed roles  to ensure smooth administration of Organization and Workspace. These roles cannot be deleted. As Administrators, you can add/remove users to these roles. 

- Custom Role: Roles that can be created by you as per your business needs. You can create, edit or delete roles as needed and use them to administer your Organization and Workspaces