Domain exist under Workspace and govern the kind of access you would like to give to different users in Workspace. In a Domain you can setup access to all or a limited set of Applications, decided whether users have access to Create and/or Edit records or just View only. They provide a far greater level of access control and let you hide confidential information such as Costing, Budgeting or any other private information that you would not like to share with your users. When it comes to collaboration with internal team and external partners & vendors, Domains provide you a very robust and rich set of access control mechanism to secure your data.

Domains can be created with different settings inside a Workspace:

- Normal: A simple Domain without any other settings that gives users access to all Items in an Application. You can restrict the Applications that are visible under this Domain but when setup in this way, all Items in Application are accessible to users.

- Restricted: A restricted Domain (you get a Checkbox while creating Domain to enable this) allows access to only selected Items in the Application. Not all Items are visible and only the ones that you add to Domain explicitly either manually or by setting up Domain rules are visible to users. This is more like partial Application access based on your business needs.

- Guest: Guest Domains (you get a Checkbox while creating Domain to enable this) are meant for external/internal users with limited access. All Fusionmint users who need full/partial system access should have a paid account. Users added to Guest domains are considered as FREE users and do not need a paid account to access the system. They have limited access and can perform only 3 roles:

  • View Data like Applications and Items to which they have access
  • Complete Tasks assigned to them
  • Comment on Tasks, Items

Users in Guest domain do not have any other access apart from the one listed above. They can have a FREE account and use the features listed above but for any other access, they will need to upgrade to a paid account.

So using the settings above you can have 4 different types of Domains:

- Normal
- Restricted
- Guest
- Guest Restricted

Last two Domains can be used to add FREE user account to your Organization.

More details on administering Workspace via Domain are available here Workspace Administration

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