Task is a definite piece of work or a quick to-do activity, assigned to one or many members of any Organization, Workspace or Application. Tasks can be created at the Workspace and Application level. The tasks and the related progress on the basis of assignees can be seen graphically on all the levels (Organization, workspace and application). There can be possibly two levels at which the Task can be created in Fusionmint, they are: Workspace and Application. However procedure of creating a task is same on all the levels. 

Workspace Task:

1. For creating the Task at the Workspace level select the workspace for which you want to create the task from the left hand navigation. 

2. Select Task from the Top and then click on New Task (as highlighted).

3. Now create a task by filling in the information and click Save. After you click Save, the Task gets created. Task cannot be created without filling in the required information and the only required information while creating the Task is the Name of the Task.

4. When the task  is created, it is displayed like in the image below. The sub task created will be listed under the main task in a tree structure. Click on the arrow ">" to view the task in detail which also gives you options to Edit, Delete task and to create sub tasks and apart from these options you also get features to attach files, tagging and commenting on the task.

Application Task:


For creating Task at the application level open the workspace view where all the applications are listed and then select the Application for which you want to create the Task.

1. After selecting the app, you are in Application view, select Task from the top and then click on New Task.

Step 3 and 4 will be same as in Workspace level. 

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