While creating task following fields are available as in the image, details of each field is mentioned below:


Name of Task. It is a required field and hence a task cannot be created without name.

Description : 

Description of Task. Write a detailed description of task so that it can be understood by task assignees. This is not a required field.

Start Date: 

Date on which work on Task should start. This is not a required field.

Due Date: 

Date by which Task is to be completed. This is not a required field.


An assignee is a User to whom task is assigned. It's not a required field, so leave it empty if you want to assign task to yourself.

A task can be assigned to more than one user. In certain situations, you will have many users working on same task but still want to track their status individually. So instead of creating duplicate task for each users which can be quite taxing, create a task and assign multiple users to it. You can always track each user status to know overall task status.

Task with multiple assignee can be handled in two ways using Task Resolution feature. This feature is available via checkbox "Any one assignee can complete" below assignee field.

1) When left unchecked, all task assignee are required to work on the task and mark the task status separately. When all the assignees mark the task as complete only then the task will be considered as completed.

2) When checked, any user out of all to whom the task is assigned can mark the task status as "In Progress" or "Complete" which changes the overall status of the task (status of the task for all the assignees will change). This feature is useful when you have a more flexible work environment and highly responsible team who like picking up task by themselves in a group.

This feature is meant only for a multi-assigned task, so if a task is assigned to only one user, this feature will not have any impact on task behavior.


Files are attachments in Task. Maximum allowed size limit of each file is 10 MB so anything of lesser then 10 MB can be attached to task.


Tags allow you to manage additional information/context about Task. You can create and assign as many tags on a task as needed.


Comments section lets you add comments to the task assigned to you or created by you.

Note: Options for attaching files, tagging task and making comments on the task are not available at the time of task creation but available when you go in the detail view of the task by clicking on the icon ( ">" ) available on the task.

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