Sub Task is generally a task associated with the Main or Parent task. Sub-tasks are useful in splitting up a parent task into a number of small tasks that can be assigned and tracked separately. A task cannot be completed until all of  its sub-tasks are completed. To create a sub task:

1. Select the highlighted arrow (as in the image below) of the task for which you want to create the Sub task.

2. A window/pane will open on the right, select sub task from the top.

3. Now fill in the information of the sub-task and click Save. Sub task is created!!! Details required for creating a Sub-task are similar to those when creating a task.

4. Now you can see the sub-task under the parent task. Click on Expand to view all the sub-tasks in a Task. There can be many sub tasks associated with the main Task but a sub-task cannot have a sub-task under it.

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