The Task progress charts are to graphically analyze the progress of the Tasks. The progress charts for the tasks can be seen for all the levels (organization, workspace, application). The analysis of the task progress can be done on the basis of status of the tasks i.e. Assigned, In-Progress, Completed. The progress charts shows the reports of the Tasks for different time duration. In Fusionmint one can see reports on Tasks for 7 days, 30 days, 60 days and a year. All the tasks of workspaces and the applications of an organization can be collectively seen at the organization level under the task tab. Along with the overall progress of the tasks in an organization, the performance of the task assignee's can also be seen with the top and bottom performers reports.

Tasks at Organization level:

To see the progress of all the tasks in an organization, go to organization view and select task as highlighted. Tasks cannot be created at the organization level, only the charts of the organization related workspaces and its applications can be seen for their progress as in the image below.

Overall Status Distribution Chart:

The chart on the left gives the overall status of the tasks in an Organization. The task status chart is a donut chart that has break up on the basis of different statuses of the task. A task in Fusionmint can possibly have three statuses (Assigned, In-Progress, Completed) and only one at a time. The overall task status can be seen for different time duration by clicking on the days button available at the top. To see the task status for last 7 days click on "7D" button and so on, at most the task status can be seen for an year. By Default 30 days progress is shown in charts.

Completed vs Remaining Chart:

The chart on the right shows completed vs remaining tasks distributed over the period of time. The time (in days) for which you want to see the completed vs remaining task progression can be selected from the days (7D (7 days), 30D (30 days), 60D (60 days) and 1Y (1 year)option available at the top. By default the chart shows the report for last 30 days.On the y-axis we have the task count and on the x-axis we have the dates on the basis of time duration selected.

Performance Report:

Along with the overall progress of the tasks, the performance of the task assignees can also be seen by performance reports. The Reports shows the top performers and the bottom performers on the basis on task completed by them. The top performers report shows the name of top performers and bottom performers report shows the bottom performers. A maximum of 10 performers can be seen in a report. Both these reports can be seen in two modes and they are :


a) By Count - This mode of report shows the total number of tasks completed by users in case of top performers report. The bottom performers report shows total number of tasks remaining by users.

b) By Ratio - This mode of report shows a ratio of total number of tasks completed out of all assigned in case of top performers and a ratio of total remaining tasks out of all assigned in case of bottom performers.

By default the mode of reports is "by count" and can be changed by clicking on the report settings (highlighted in the image below).

Tasks at Workspace and Application level:

At workspace and application level, the tasks charts along with the task details can be seen. All the charts and reports available at the organization level are available at the workspace and application level as well but at this level along with task chart and report, task can be created, edited, deleted, viewed and can be marked for different statuses. When you go to the workspace task tab or application task tab by default it shows the tasks listing and clicking on charts button shows the task charts. Clicking on charts button again bring you back to the default page.

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