Workspaces in Fusionmint can be of two types:

a) Private Workspaces

b) Shared Workspaces

A Workspace is said to be private when no members are invited/added to the Workspace. The creator of the Workspace is the workspace administrator by default and he can access everything in a Workspace. Until no members are invited, the Workspace will be a private Workspace for the admin. A private Workspace can be made shared by inviting members to it.

And a Workspace is said to be shared Workspace when it has members. There can be one or more members in the workspace besides the administrator. Even when the Workspace have only one member apart from the admin, the Workspace will be called as a Shared one. At anytime the Workspace can be made private by removing all the members of the Workspace but this can only be done by the Workspace Administrator.

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