There can several hundreds of tasks in a workspace or in an application and searching the one out of long list of tasks is difficult. For the purpose of making sorting of task easier in Fusionmint, filters are implemented. Tasks can be filtered on the basis of assignee name, task status or both. In a workspace view or in an application view under task tab, filter option can be seen on the top of all tasks as in the image below.

Clicking on the filter will open the task view filter settings, as in the image below. The tasks can be filtered on the basis of task status (Assigned, In-Progress, Complete) and assignee name. Select (check mark the checkboxes) the status, assignee or both for the type of filter you want to apply for the tasks and click on filter button to apply selected filter on tasks.

                                                                                 (While applying filters)

                                                                          (After filters are being applied)

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