Creating Roles lets you group the members with similar work profile or access capacity. Organization Administrator Role is present in an Organization by default and users under this role has got access to everything in an Organization (all Workspaces and Applications). The default Role cannot be deleted and should have at least one member to control the Organization.There can be more than one member in this default Role.

 To add Roles, select Roles & Users from the Organization view and click on Add Role.

Give a Name to the Role and type in the description, click Save. A Custom Role is now created.

For adding members to the created Role click on the Addition icon ("+") of the Role as highlighted.

To add new users who are not yet a part of the Organization, type in their email address to send the invitation. The users who are members of the Organization can be select from the drop down menu and click on Add Member.

Added members can be seen under the created Role. More members can be added in the same way.

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