Organization Administrator is a type of Role and there can be possibility two types of roles at the Organization level and they are:

a) Organization Administrator Role

b) Custom Role 

Roles are meant to group users with similar work profile or access capacity. Organization Administrator Role allows the users in the role to have full access of everything in an Organization. The person who creates the Organization is the administrator by default and more users as admins can be added by the current admin. All the users under this role have got same access control rights and are all Organization Admins. 

Users in the Custom Role will have limited access. They can only access Workspaces of the Organization if they are explicitly added to a certain Workspace Domain. The Domains in the Workspaces have options to add members as Roles from Organization level and members can be added individually as well.

Here is how you can add/manage Organization Administrators:

1. Select Roles & Users from the Organization view.

2. Click on the Addition icon (as highlighted in the image below) to add new users to the default role. The default role (Organization Administrator Role) can be seen on the page. Expand to view the current users in the role.

3. To add users which are not a part of organization yet, type in their email address and click Add Member and to add the existing users of the Organization, select the user name from the drop down menu and click Add Member.

4. The user is now added to the Organization Administrator Role. More users can be added by repeating the steps 2 and 3.

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