Plan and Billing:

In Fusionmint, you pay for the total number of paid users you have in an Organization across all Workspaces. Users are classified as Guest or Paid based on the access they have in Workspaces under the organization. Guest user accounts are free and you pay only for Paid users during the upgrade.

Guest Users: 

Guest are the users with limited access and have free accounts in Fusionmint. Users in the guest domain of a Workspace are counted as guest users. Total guest users are consolidated across all the Workspaces in an Organization. These users can perform limited tasks such as:

  • View applications and items to which they have access
  • Complete tasks assigned to them
  • Add comments on tasks and items

Paid Users:

Paid Users are users with partial or full access to the system. Administrators and all other users apart from guest users are all considered as paid users. Paid users can perform more actions as assigned by the administrator compared to guest users like creating applications, items, adding tasks and other actions.

To upgrade your account:

1.Click on the Organization in the left-hand side navigation and then click on Plan and Billing tab from the Organization view.

2. Under the Plan and Billing tab, you can see the overall count of Paid and Guest users across all Workspaces. 

Select the plan and number of seats you want to purchase and click on Purchase button to enter your credit card details

3. Total chargeable amount per month is calculated based on the selected plan and the number of seats you select. Fill in the card details on the payment page which includes the Card Number, Card Expiration Month, Card Expiration Year and the Card Verification Code. Click Pay Now to complete the payment process.

Once the details are verified and credit card has been charged, it will prompt you that the payment was successful and your plan has been upgraded.