When new applications are added to any workspace and new fields are added to any application they are not visible to the members added in the domain unless access is given from the domain by check marking the corresponding application and its field checkboxes. By default the access of the created application and its field is disabled and to make the applications and its fields visible, enabling access is required. Here is how we can make the applications and fields visible:

1. Go to the Workspace in which new applications or fields are added.
2. Click on the Access Control tab present at the top.
3. Select the domain for which you want to enable the access.
4. Check mark only those actions(View, Create, Edit, Delete) which you want to enable for the user. In case of guest domains there is only one action available and that is View.
5. After selecting the Application, select the fields and their actions (View, Create, Edit).
6. Click Save Domain. This is how you can make the new applications and its fields visible to the user in the domain.

Note: Admins have got access to every application and field. Only access of other users are controlled using domains and that is why the access enabling and disabling is required only in case when you want to change the accessibility of the domain users.

In case you are using custom layout for displaying fields, the field/fields added to the application is suppose to get added to the custom layout as well. When default layout is used, it is not required to add the field/fieldsĀ to the layout.