Creating Roles at the workspace level is same as at organization level and serves the same purpose i.e. by creating roles you are actually grouping users with similar work profile or data access capacity.

Here is how you can create Roles in workspaces:

1. Go to the workspace in the organization view Or navigate to workspace.

2. Select Roles & Users from the top.

3. Click on Add Role and fill out information on the next page. (Fill in the name of Role and Description) and click Save.

4. The Custom Role is now created and  to add members to the role click on the addition icon (as highlighted in the image below). 

5. If the user is not a part of organization then type in the email address and send invite by clicking on the Add Member Button. To add users who are already members of the organization, select their name from the drop down and click on Add Member Button. 

To add users to the Workspace Administrator Role Follow the steps 4 and 5. 

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