Domains are used in Fusionmint to limit the access of users for applications and actions inside a Workspace. Guest domain and Member Domain are present by default in any Workspace and these two are system domains that cannot be deleted. If you do not want to use the system domains then remove users/roles from these domains and create your own customized domain. Members under guest domain have very limited access to the Applications and Workspaces and their actions are limited to:

  • Viewing Data like Applications and Items to which they have access
  • Completing the Tasks assigned to them
  • Commenting on Tasks, Items
Whereas, users under Member Domain have got custom access and these Domains give full access to the Applications and their fields in case when On Boarding setup is followed. The access of the Member Domain can be changed later on. "Restricted Domain" and "Restricted & Guest domain" can also be created and can be customized as per the business requirement, For more information on Restricted domain click here.To create the Domains with Custom access, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Workspace view, and click on New Domain. 

2. Give a name to Domain and type in the description. While creating domains it gives option to make domain Restricted, guest, both or none. Restricted domains gives filtered access of items to the users, while guest Domain gives only view access and if both are unchecked then access to all items are available. If the Domain is both guest and restricted then filtered view access to the items can be given. Click Save to create the Domain.

3. Domain is now created!!! To add users to the domain click on User & Role.

4. Now click on Add Member. Clicking on Add Member gives you option to add members from Organization Role, Workspace Role and member list. After selecting the Roles and the members click on Add Member.

While adding members to domains it should be kept in mind that once a member is added to any of the role or added individually to any domain in a workspace the same member cannot be added again through any role or individually in a workspace in same domain or in other domain of same workspace i.e. duplicate users are not allowed in the a workspace and if in case you add a duplicate user an error message similar to the one below will be prompt.

Now when we have created Domain and added users to it, we are all set to go to the last and the main stage of creating a Domain that is controlling access of the Applications. This topic is covered in next article.

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