Once the Domains are created as shown in the previous article, now it is the time to move towards the main part i.e. controlling access of the Applications and actions in the Workspaces (Before going into the access control of the Applications, the Applications should be installed on or created in the Workspace. Follow the article on Applications for Installing and creating Applications ). Here is how one can limit the access of Domain members :

1. Under Access Control Tab of Workspace view, select the domain and the corresponding Installed/Created Applications along with its fields will get listed on the right.

2. The check boxes in front of the Applications are for controlling the access of that corresponding application and fields of the Application. When the View checkbox is checked, view access of all the fields of the application gets checked as well similarly when create and edit is checked for application, create and edit for application fields also get checked. Access for application and its field and can be changed anytime as per the requirement. With the View checkbox being unchecked makes other properties unavailable for the Application and the Field Access while being checked gives you option to control the Application and field access on Creating, Editing, Viewing, Deleting.

3. After allowing the access of the Application one can further reduce the accessibility by unchecking the access properties of the Application fields. The access properties like View, Create and Edit are available for the Application Fields and those features can be checked and unchecked separately for allowing and not allowing the field access. After selecting the appropriate access for your Application click Save Domain to save the settings.

These Multiple actions access control is not available for Guest Domains. Guest Domains provide very limited access to Applications as shown in the Image below. The members in the guest Domain can only view the Application and its fields other than that no other access controlling property is available for Guest Domain Members. Disabling viewing property makes the Application and its field unavailable for the users in the Domain. 

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