The File tab in the application view shows all the files and images attached to the items and so you don't have to go to the items separately to view those files and  images. The Search bar present at the top is for searching the  required file or image from all listed by typing in the name of the file or image. To remove the searched name from the search bar press "Esc" from the keyboard. (The search bar is highlighted in the image below).

The columns of the files table are described below:

1. Name : 

Name column displays the name of the attached file or image. Using filter a particular attachment can be searched.

2. Size :

Size column displays the size of the attached file or image.

3. Item :

Clicking on the icon of item column opens the related item.

4. Action :

The action column has got two icons, clicking on the first one opens the file or image in a new tab and clicking on the second icon downloads the file or image.

5. Uploaded By :

The name of the person uploaded the file or image will  be displayed. For the purpose of finding a particular attachment by the name of the person who has uploaded the attachment, type in the name of the person in the filter.

6. Uploaded On :

Date/Time column shows the date and the time the particular file or image is attached. 

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