You can customize layout of the application fields in an app. Here is how you can do that :

1. Select application from the workspace view, and then click on Layout.

2. Click on the Get Started button.

3. On the left, application fields gets list and the right side has got rows & Column options to place the fields in a proper layout. Drag and Drop fields to add them to particular row and column. The fields can be rearranged in a column by using the up and the down arrows present on the field. To Split a Column into two select the split column option from top right.

4. To add more rows, click on Add Field Row. Layout also provides you option to give title to the Rows and the Columns. After adding the fields in appropriate rows and columns click Save, the layout will get saved.

5. After saving, preview of the layout can be seen by clicking on the Preview button and layout can be deleted by clicking on the Delete button present on the top right.

NOTE:  When you add a new field to the existing application, the new field does not get added to the custom layout and does not show up in the form. In case of default layout the field gets visible in the form as soon as you add the field/ fields. To add field in the custom layout, go to the Layout tab of the application to which you have added the field/ fields and you will find the recently added field/ fields on the left. Drag and Add the field/ fields to the desired columns of the rows.

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