After creating the Application, the next step is to add fields as custom application do not have any field by default. The Applications which are installed from the App Store have some standard fields and more fields can be added to it if required. Following are the steps to add fields to the Application:

1. Select the Application that you have created/ installed from the Workspace.

2. Now when you are in the Application view, select Field from the top.

3. Click on Add Field to add the fields.

4. Clicking on Add Field will list all the available fields. Select the fields that you want in your Application. 

5. When you select any field from the listed fields, general settings for the selected field get displayed which generally ask for the display name of the field, description, and whether the field is required or not (using checkbox). Click Save after filling in the details and the field will get added to the Application. Similarly more fields can be added to the Application.

Note: When fields are added to the template apps they do not appear in the form unless they are added in the custom layout.

Things to keep in mind while adding fields to existing Application : 

1. The added field will not be visible to the users until its view access is unchecked in Domains. (the field will be visible to the administrator)

Workspace > Access Control > Domain > Application > Field 

2. The added field will not be visible in form and table in case of Custom Layout until the field is not added in any of the Rows and Column of layout.

Workspace > Application > Layout > Add field to Column > Save

3. The added field will not be visible in table in case of Custom View until the field is not check marked to show.

Workspace > Application > View > Manage View > Check mark the field's checkbox > Save

4. If you want to remove any added field, click on the minus sign of the corresponding field under field tab and click Save. After adding any field it is important to save the field setup by clicking on the Save button.

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