To access the things easily in Fusionmint, we have got Header Navigation and Side Navigation. The header navigation lets you navigate from Workspace to Applications, Application to other Applications and their forms and from forms to other applications and their forms. Below is the detailed information about both the navigation.

Header Navigation:

In Fusionmint when you access Workspace of any Organization, the bar at the top (as highlighted in the image below) gives Information about the Workspace that what is the name of the Workspace you are accessing right now. No matter where you are in that particular Workspace clicking on the Workspace name reroutes you to the Workspace View page. Also it gives you options to add items to the existing Application by clicking on the Add button and to search a particular Application of the Workspace you can search/select from the search cum drop down bar next to the bar there is an " i "  icon, clicking on which brings you to the last app accessed. 


Here is how you can access the Applications and create records using the header navigation:

1. Click on the Add Button, the applications installed in the selected workspace will list.
2. Select the Application to which you want to add item.
3. The form of that particular application will open. Fill in the details and click Save. The item will get added.

To navigate to different Applications from Workspaces, Applications and Forms, Search cum select bar should be used. This bar lets you search the Applications by typing the name of the application in the box and pressing Enter or by selecting the Applications from the Drop down. All the Applications present in the Workspace will get listed in the Drop down out of which one can be selected. The Application that you select from the drop down bar have sticky nature i.e. their name remain in the search bar until you choose any other application. Clicking on the icon i " next to the search bar  brings the last accessed app but works only when you have any application in the search bar.

This navigation bar makes it easier to navigate between various Applications of a Workspace. Also it makes it easier to add record to the Applications at any point and time. This bar is accessible at the Workspace level, Application level and also at the Form level ( at the time of creating a record).

Side Navigation: The side Navigation is to navigate from Organization to Workspaces. No matter where you are in the application (Fusionmint)  this navigation lets you switch the Workspaces. You can access Organization (if any)  and create other Organizations as well.

Reaching last accessed App :

The Image below shows two highlighted areas of header navigation, the first one is the search bar using which you can go to any of the application in a workspace and the second one is for reaching the last accessed application from the search bar. These two feature is to facilitate quick access of applications of the last accessed workspace and to access last accessed application. You can be anywhere in the Fusionmint Application and you finds the need of going back to the app that you accessed, clicking on the " i " icon brings you to the last accessed app.