All the fields to which you have access will be visible in the application's table view by default (Default view). But the visibility of the field, their order and the sorting of the fields can be controlled by customizing the view. The button present on the right of the page (as in the image below) is used for controlling the table view and clicking on it gives you option to create view, manage view and to select the views that the user have created. The image below shows that when there is no customized view present the fields will be visible as per the default view.The icons present on each of the items is for the purpose of viewing and editing the items, the " i " icon is for viewing the item and the pencil icon is for editing.

Along with the application fields there are certain fields in the table view of all the applications which are available by default  and visibility of these fields can be controlled in custom views if required, and the fields are :
  • Unique Id
  • Created On
  • Created By
  • Updated On 
  • Updated By

Customization of the application fields for table view can be done using 4 properties and they are:


1. Order: 

Order property is for ordering the fields and can be controlled using the four arrows present. The first arrow is for moving the field to the top of all the fields whereas the last arrow moves the field to the bottom. The second arrow is for moving the field one step up and the third arrow moves the field one step below.

2. Show

This property hides and unhides the field from the table view. Checking the show checkbox makes the field visible in the table whereas leaving the box unchecked, hides the field completely from the table view. 

3. Sort

Sort property sorts the fields in ascending (A to Z, 0 to 9)  and descending (Z to A, 9 to 0) order. If you select sort as ascending the fields will get list in the ascending order and selecting descending order list the fields in the descending order.

4. Freeze:

Freezing a field allows you to keep the field in the same place as the rest of the items scrolls. Only one field at a time can be selected for freeze property.

To create a Custom View follow the steps below:

1. Click on the New View option present in the table view drop down.
2. Table View Editor will appear, type in the name and the description of the view.
3. Select the order of the listed fields, their visibility, sorting type and freeze (only one field) if you want to freeze the field.
4. Click Save. Your customized view is created!!!

Note: When new field/ fields are added to the existing application, the field does not show up in the table in case of Custom View. To make it visible in the custom table view, Go to Manage View and select the view in which you want the field to show up and then select the show checkbox of the particular field, the field will get be visible in the custom table view.

Default views cannot be modified but the custom views can be modified and deleted at any point and time. To manage the custom views of the table, follow the steps listed below:

1. Click on the Manage View option present in the table view's drop down.
2. Click on Edit of the view you want to modify.
3. The fields will get listed on which modification can be done as per the requirement.

4. After making changes, Click Save. Changes to the view are now saved.

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