The main idea behind using Reference field is to refer some other app items (items in referenced app) in an App as a field data.When you reference an App, the items of the referenced app can be added to the referring app field. The Reference field in an app have many features and those features are described in detail below:

1. Search Button :

Search button is to search the items in the referenced app. When the Search button is clicked  it opens a popup window, which brings the items of the referenced app. Only the fields to which the user have access will get displayed in the searched and selected record. The popup window that opens when Search button is clicked have got features to Add, Add & Close, Search and View, these features are described below in detail.

a. Add : Selecting one or more items from the list and clicking on Add, adds the item in the referenced field. But the popup window will remain open and to close the window press the "x" on the top right.

b. Add & Close :Selecting one or more items from the list and clicking on Add & Close, adds the item to the referenced app and closes the popup window.

c. Search : The Search box is for searching the required item/ items from the list.

d. View : View (which has a eye icon on it) is for changing the view of the fields in the table . The view button also gives option to create a new view, manage the existing and changing the view (if a custom view is created already).

2. Remove Button

Remove button is for removing items. Clicking on Remove button without selecting any item's checkbox does not do anything. So, select the checkbox of the item that you want to remove and then click on Remove, the selected item will be removed from the listed items.

3. Search :

The search bar is for the purpose of searching data that you want from the listed items to make search for the desired item easier. By typing in the characters relevant to the items present in the list will bring the desired result for you.

4. View :

The view option is for managing the view of the fields in the listed items. At first it has got a default view which shows all the field information to the user for which he has got access. To change the default view create a view first by clicking on New View and to configure it further refer Table View in Applications. Once created one can choose the created view and can go to manage view if any changes is required in the created view. 

For better understanding of how to create and manage Reference field, go through the article. 

Suppose we have two apps which is Contact and Company and the Contact app has got company as a referenced field. To add a reference field in the app follow the video below.


Note: While configuring the reference field you can select the multiple checkbox to allow multiple items of the same reference field to get added. If the multiple checkbox is left unchecked only single item can be added to the reference field.

To ADD items to the referenced field,  follow the steps below:

1. Go to the referenced field.

2. Click on Search button of the referenced  field. A window will popup having items(if any) of the referenced app.

3. Select Check boxes of the items that you want to add and click on Add Or Add and Close. Single and Multiple items can be added depending on multiple checkbox selected or not selected during field configuration of the Reference field.

4. The items from the Referenced app are now added to the field.

To REMOVE the data from the referenced field, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the referenced field.

2. Select the checkbox of the items that you want to remove.

3. After selecting the items click on the Remove button. (Multiple items can be selected at a time. To select all the items, select the checkbox at the top).

To SEARCH the data from the list of referenced items, follow the steps below:

If you want to search a Item from the list of items in the field, type in characters relevant to the item that you want and the Search box will bring the result for you.

To Create, Manage and Change the View, follow the steps below:

1. Click on View (which has an eye icon and present at Top right) and select New View.

2. Give a Name to the View and Type in the Description about the view.

3. Choose Order, Show, Sort and Freeze for the Fields.

4. Click on Save to save the view. The custom view is now available and can be used for a custom view. To change anything in the custom view or to delete the view, go to manage view.The default view cannot be edited or deleted.

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