Once the event is created, editing options for the event will be available. Only the events created by the account holder are editable, the events other than that has got only view access and those are the tasks for which the user has been invited. The time and date editing of the events can be done in two ways, first by clicking on the calendar event and second by dragging and dropping the events. The events and the task will not be visible in the calendar unless you check the Checkbox for Events and Tasks present in the top left of the page. Here is how you can edit the events:

By clicking on the calendar Event :

If the event is created by you, clicking on the event pops up the editable window. All the fields in the popped up window are editable and it gives you an additional option to send notification to the invited members about the update in the event. Click Save after making the changes.

By Dragging and Dropping the Event :

Dragging and Dropping gives you some limited editable options, using this only the time and date changes can be made also these changes can only be made on the events created by you. The other events to whom you are invited cannot be edited. Following are the things that can be done using this edit.

1. Time Shift There are two types of time shift i.e. Top Shift and Bottom Shift. Both Top and Bottom shift can be used to change the time of the event by dragging the top and bottom edges up and down. The time shift option is only available for daily and the weekly view, for monthly view the time shift option is unavailable.

2. Time SlotThe time slot of the event can be changed by dragging and dropping the event from the center towards up or down and not less than 30 minutes shift is allowed. Time slot change can only be done in daily and weekly view of the events.

3. Date Shift : The dates of the events can be changed by dragging and dropping the event from one date to the other in weekly and monthly view of the events. In case of weekly view, the date of the event can be changed within that week and in case of monthly view the date of the event can be changed within that month. The video shows the date shift in Weekly views of the event, to change date in Monthly views just drag and drop  the events from one date to the other.

The following Table shows the available editing options in different views (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Editing Options
Daily Weekly
Time Shift
 Yes   Yes No
Time Slot
 Yes   Yes No
Day Shift No  Yes
(Within a Week)
(Within a Month)