Dashboard of Fusionmint shows all the upcoming tasks and events. The dashboard is divided into two major sections, at the top it shows upcoming task and the section just below tasks shows upcoming events. For reaching dashboard click on the dashboard icon present on the top left hand side (as highlighted in the image below). 

The following image shows the upcoming tasks and the events. Only the tasks and events assigned to the Fusionmint account holder will get listed in the dashboard. Following is the detailed description of each column of the tasks getting listed in the dashboard.

1. The first column shows exclamation mark ( ! ), if the task has crossed the due date and is over due now. 

2. The second column has got three icon out of which the first (" ") icon is to view the task in detail and the second and the third option available is to mark the task as "Complete",  "In Progress" or as "Incomplete".

3. The third column shows the name of the tasks.

4. The fourth column shows the status of the tasks that whether the task is "Assigned", "In Progress" or "Complete".

5. The fifth column displays the Start Date of  the tasks.

6. The sixth column displays the End Date of the tasks.

7. The seventh column displays the description of the tasks.

The search bar present at the top of the tasks and the events are for searching  particular tasks out of all listed. By typing in anything relevant about the listed tasks and events in the search bar the corresponding tasks will get listed and next to the search bar, task view exists which lets you see the tasks and events on daily, weekly, monthly basis. To clear the search bar press Esc key from the  keyboard. Tasks have an extra option of viewing the overdue tasks. By default the daily (Today) view is selected which shows the tasks and events which are supposed to end by today along with the tasks which are overdue. Similarly when other views are selected, they show the tasks according to the view selected along with the overdue tasks. For better understanding on how to view the tasks and events for different view options available, follow the video below.


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