Rule based sharing shares the items to the user/users based on some admin defined filters. When you do not want to share all the items of the application, Restricted Domain should be used. Restricted Domain have got field based filters. When you select a field for filtration, the field name along with the filter condition will appear and will ask you to enter the value on the basis of which you want to filter the items. Only the items which passes the admin defined filters will be visible to the user. The apps which are check marked under the Application tab are only the apps available in the Sharing Rule tab as the Target Application.

NoteWhen any user has got create access for the application, he can create the item and item created by the user will always be accessible to him no matter what sharing rule is being applied by the admin on the items. The sharing rule applies only to the items created or imported by the admins.

Follow the steps below for setting up the sharing rule:

1. Select the Restricted Domain and then select the Sharing Rule Tab.
2. Select the target app from the drop down.
3. Select field for item filtration from the Add Filter drop down. Fields along with the filter conditions and filtering value will get listed.
4. Select the filter condition and the type in the filter value.
5. One or more fields can be selected for filtration, add more fields if required.
6 .Click on Save Rule to save the sharing rule.
7. To apply the rule to the items of the Target application, Click on Save & apply Rule.

Date Range Filter Conditions:

In case you want to set up sharing rule on the basis of date range, use "Greater than" and "Less than" filter conditions to setup the range of the date for which you want to filter the items for.

Unsupported Fields and Filter Conditions For Sharing Rule:

There are some fields which are not supported while using sharing rule and they are:

1. Checklist
2. Image
3. Video
4. Rich text HTML

For fields and their filter conditions click here.

For detailed information of Date Field filter conditions, click here.

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