Access of the Task in Fusionmint is different for users depending on what role they hold. The account admins and the creator of the tasks have full access to everything in a Task i.e. they can perform all the possible actions in a task. The users apart from the admins and the creator have limited access to the tasks. Here are the few important points on the accessibility of the task for the users to whom the task is assigned:

1. When the user is not an Admin or the Creator of the task, he cannot edit the tasks but can mark the task for different statuses (In-progress, Complete, Incomplete) and can comment on that.

2. The Tasks created by the admin at the Workspace level and the Application level will not be visible to any of the Organization or Workspace member unless the tasks are assigned to them.

3. The Guest users can only create personal tasks and apart from that they edit the tasks assigned to them but can mark the task assigned to them for its status.

4. For all the tasks assigned to the guest users (members in guest domain), They can mark the task for different statuses and can comment on the tasks.

5. Commenting on the tasks is allowed for all the users to whom the tasks is assigned.

All the assigned tasks can be seen by the user on the Dashboard or Under the Task Tab (the Dashboard and the Task tabs are highlighted in the image below). For more information on Dashboard tasks and task on Task tab, Click on the corresponding tabs.

1. Dashboard Tab
2. Task Tab

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