When Events are created, the event assignees are notified of the task assigned to them through email. The Email notification sent to the assignees contains details regarding the time and venue of the event along with the name of the event participants. If someone wants to contact the event organizer they can do so by clicking on the link available in the email itself.

At the bottom, it gives option to download the .ics file of the event that can be downloaded to view the event in the local system calendar or in the outlook calendar.


When any event gets cancelled or someone is removed from the event he/she will be notified through the email that the event has been cancelled as can be seen in the image below.


Important :

The changes that you made to the existing events sends email notification to the event participants for the updated event. If you do not want to send the email notification to the participants for the changes that's been made in the event, uncheck the checkbox that says "Resend notification for updated event ?" (this option is available when you edit any existing event).