Dropbox allows you to have a virtual drive on your computer that holds your data that can be synced across the cloud. If you are one of the Dropbox users and want to share data with your team members, business partners etc from Dropbox using Fusionmint, just install the Dropbox app in your workspace and follow the steps below to share the desired data.

1. Go to App Store and click on the "Install" button of the Dropbox app.


2. Select the Dropbox tab present in the workspace and click on "Add Account" button.


3. Clicking on "Add Account"  button routes you to Account Settings where you get the option to connect to Dropbox under External Account tab.


4. Click on Connect Dropbox and you will get a request for permission. Allow access to connect to Dropbox.


5. After allowing Fusionmint to access Dropbox you would be able to see that your account is now connected. Now you can go to the workspace and set up your Dropbox settings.

6. Now when the dropbox account is connected Fusionmint you can select folders, files photos etc that you want to share or leave the share box empty to share the entire content of Dropbox, click Save.


7. Dropbox browser will open and you can select the folder or the subfolder that you want to share. Click Select Folder after selection and save the drive configuration by clicking on Save. 



8. After the Folder is being shared, the shared folder can be accessed in the Dropbox application under application tab like in the image below.


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