At some point in your business growth, manually documenting, analyzing lead/customer information and monitoring sales team activities becomes difficult as these things grow with business and you actually need something to manage leads and their related information. Fusionmint has got such an app that helps you to generate, manage and convert leads and that app is Sales & Marketing CRM app. Sales & Marketing CRM app is a complete solution for all the sales and marketing requirement that a product or service have also it's a complete package that manages Marketing, Sales and CRM at one place. Using the apps related to Sales you can manage your sales and using Marketing and CRM you can manage your marketing stuff and customer relationships. 

The Sales and  Marketing CRM app is not actually an app but a module having multiple apps for managing your business and keeping your business organized in terms of sales & marketing. The following apps are present in the module:

1. Contact

Contacts are the business leads and contact app holds the information gathered  about leads. A lead can be an individual or an Organization. Contacts (leads) are the initial requirement to begin with any business. Once a contact is captured it is important to follow them and if they qualify try to convert them to customers.The other processes (doing lead follow up, qualifying leads etc) involved in converting a lead to a customer can be done using the other apps present in sales & marketing module that is Campaign, Newsletter and Deal.

2. Company 

Company app is same as Contact but the only difference is that we have organization/company name as a lead in this app instead of an individual's name. A customer to your product or services can possibly be a company or an individual and this app manages your customers in the form of company.

3. Deal

Deal apps lets you monitor the captured leads for where they lie in the sales cycle using the multiple stages available in it. Using these stages you can track the probability of winning or losing the deal with every progressing stage. These stages are also called as sales pipeline. There are 7 stages involved in a deal that helps you to track your potential customers and let you know the conversion probability. It easier to manage your potential customers using deal stages.

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