To start using the sales & marketing CRM app setting up the workspace is required. Follow the steps below to complete the setup:

1. Create/ Install App

Install the Sales and Marketing app from App Store in your workspace and start with the contact or company app to capture leads or to import the contacts using Excel Import. Use other available apps to manage Campaigns, Newsletters and Deals. 

Refer the article for more information: Creating and Installing Application

2. Invite Members to collaborate

Once you are done with setting up the basic things with the apps you can invite your team members to collaborate (if required).  

Refer the article for more information: Creating workspace level roles

3. Secure Access

Selective sharing of items (data) is possible using domains available in Fusionmint. Using Domains you can share selective items to the team members also the actions (View, Create, Edit, Delete) that can be performed by them on the shared items can also be controlled using domains. 

Refer the articles for more information: Creating Domains and Adding Members, Controlling Access of Domain Members

4. Custom Fields

Apart from the fields that are available in the apps more fields can be added to the existing app as per the requirement. There are around 18 fields available which can be used to customize the available app as per the business requirement.

Refer the articles for more information: Adding Fields to application,  App fields Description

Once the setup is complete you can start using the apps. Changes to the field setup and its configuration, field and application access, user access can be made at any point and time if required.

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