Email Campaign are used to enhance purchase, download, subscribe etc and it is done by sending specific set of emails to the customers one after the other in a definite interval of time. Email campaign actually does direct marketing and that's why you should have content that catches readers attention and not to forget that it should have a strong call of action to promote sales. Email marketing campaign is a good way doing marketing as it is easy, quick and cost effective and does not require huge investment like in television, radio etc.

While creating an email for marketing there are few things that should be kept in mind and they are :

1. Know your prospects and send emails only to the relevant ones. When an email marketing is well planned your job of getting potential customers is half done.

2. Personalize your emails and do not make your prospects think from your emails been sent to everyone around.

3. Send emails to prospects only when you have something valuable to share.

4. Craft your email and do not forget to include a strong call of action.

5. Keep your emails short, crisp and to the point as not all are interested in reading long stories.

6. The subject line should catch the readers attention and should be relevant to what you have in the email. 

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