"Weed out unqualified leads using lead scoring"

Finding out qualified leads out of all leads that you have is difficult but can be made convenient by doing lead scoring on leads. According to Marketing Sherpa, Once organizations establish lead qualification practices and define the criteria for a qualified, sales-ready lead, they need lead scoring methodologies to accurately and precisely identify qualified leads.

Lead scoring is adding and subtracting points for the leads for any business favorable action that your lead perform such as opening the email sent by you, responding to that email, signing up for your trial or full version of product, social media like and share of your product/ service post etc. Using Fusionmint how one can do lead scoring is described below:

Lead Scoring field Customization:

In case of Fusionmint, Lead Scoring field is available in Contact app that can be customized as per the requirement. Lead Scoring field is a progress bar which holds value from 0 to 100 by default but can have custom values between 0 to 1000. To customize fields follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Select Contact app from your workspace and click on field setup tab from top.

2. Select Lead Score field and right side of the page shows field configuration options (Help, Description, Required, Min & Max Value).

3. Enter minimum and maximum values in the corresponding boxes for score range you want. Click Save. 

Lead Scoring Methodology example:

Lead scoring is crucial and requires analytical thinking in knowing that who among the available leads are sales ready and hence there should be a rule or methodology for scoring your leads. Say for example you have set a lead score range of 10 to 200 and have set a rule that for every positive action 20 points will be added too the score and for every negative action 10 points will be deducted. A lead become sales ready when it reaches 150 and above. Consider things that show a prospect is investing time with you such as:

1. If they open the email sent by you add points, if not for 3 days deduct points.

2. Add points if they respond to the email, forward it etc and deduct if not in 3 days.

3. Add points if they signup for your product and services and so on.

Similarly set rules for your business and remember 80 percent of top-performing companies use lead scoring technology, according to Aberdeen research.

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