Tags are used to categorize similar kind of items of an application. Tags are dynamic as several types of tags can be used for single or multiple item/ items which lets you manage the data properly. Using tags one can label contacts, companies, newsletters and many other app items quickly and flexibly. If you are using sales and marketing CRM app for your business you can label you contacts on the basis of "hot", "warm", "cold" leads using tags and clicking on a tag brings all items of selected tag, likewise there can be several other possible tags that can be used in available and created apps. The tags can be used within the apps not across the apps. 

Here is how you can make use of tags in Fusionmint :

Creating Tags

1. Open the item that you want to tag.

2. Scroll the item to the bottom.

3. In the tag field, type in the tag name and press enter, the tag will get created and added.

4. If the tag you have entered matches any existing tag, that tag name will come in the drop down from where it can be selected.

5. Repeat step 3 to add more tags. You can remove a tag by clicking the x.

"Once a tag is created it will be available to be added in the other items of an app, no need to create it time and again for items in an app"

Item filtering using Tags

The tags added to the items can be used for item filtration and here is how you can do that:

1. Go to any item that you have tagged.

2. Click on the tag name on the basis of which you want to filter the items.

3. All the tagged items will get listed.

4. Further it can be filtered using the column filters available.