Tags are labels used to group the task of same category. Tagging is useful when you need to access something very quickly and also need to have custom statuses for the tasks such as "approved", "rejected", "waiting for approval" etc. There can be several hundred of task in a workspace and finding task which belongs to a particular category is difficult without tags. To categorized task using task tags follow the steps below.

Creating Task Tags

1. Select the task tab from the workspace. 

2. Select the task / sub-task that you want to tag.

3. Type in the tag name in the tag field and press enter. Tag is created !!!

Filtering by Task Tags

Tagging makes it easier to filter the tasks on the basis of tag categories. All the task lying in same category can be seen just by clicking on the task tag name. Here is how to do that:

1. Go to task / Sub-task  that you have tagged.

2. Click on tag name for which you want to filter the tasks.

3. All the tagged tasks for selected tag will get listed.

4. To clear the task tag filter click on the red button at the top. (as in the video below)

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