Tags for task Categorization

Tagging can be useful when you need something to quickly filter information by. Lets say that you are handling marketing department and is going to run campaigns on different platforms such as Email campaigns, Social media campaigns etc. and you may want to categorize the tasks on different campaigns. Once you tag the tasks for different categories of campaigns you are going to run, clicking on the task tag will bring all the related task of a particular tagged campaign category. The image below shows that a task tag category "Social Campaign" is selected and all the task related to social campaign get listed.  

Tags for task Priority

Tags can also be used to prioritize the task so that task with high priority will be completed first. The tasks can be prioritize for "Low", "Medium" or "High" using tags and can be filtered on their priority level in a click. There is no hard and fast rule to use the same priority level, one can create priority level as per business requirement they have. Categorize your task on different priorities and clicking on task tag will bring all the related task of same priority. The Image below shows all the task of high priority as the tag name priority - high is selected.