Sending Emails to the customer at a designated time (triggered by a particular customer action) automatically is email automation or auto responder emails as they triggered automatically when any specific action is performed by the customer or at a specific time. Email automation is very useful in engaging or attract customers to your business or services. Use Email automation not only to nurture the incoming leads and existing customers by creating several workflows to send automated emails. Here is how to do that using Fusionmint :

1. Go to your workspace and select "Workflow" tab.

2. Click on the "+ New" from top right and select Email Automation.

3. A Window will pop up asking you to enter the workflow name and description. Enter the name and description and click on "Save Workflow" button.

4. Clicking on save workflow button will bring you to a page where you will setup email automation.

5. Select the Application from the drop down for which you want to setup auto responder emails on update.

6. Select the filters on the basis of which the auto responder email will get triggered. One can use "And" filter or "And" & "Or"  filters together as per the requirement. Filters are the criteria which defines that to whom these emails to be sent, the eligible (criteria fulfilling) customers will be sent emails.

7. Select Email sending option as there are two available, that is using personal gmail account or SMTP server.

8. Select the Email Address from which you want the emails to be sent.

9. Select "To", "Cc" ,"Bcc" and "Subject" from the right side where it gives you option to select the email addresses from the application's item or you can type in email addresses manually.

10. Type in the email content in the message box. Text formatting and many other options are available for writing the content in the message box.

11. Click on "Save Draft" button to save the workflow as draft or click on "Save & Publish" button  to save and publish the workflow.

12. The Workflow is ready now and to Edit, Delete, Publish or Pause the workflow, go to the Workspace and select the workflow action of the workflow that you want  to manipulate.

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