Email Campaign Analytics:

Analysing results of the Email Campaigns lets you decide the success percentage of your campaigns to an extent. The performance of email campaigns are tracked on the basis of email opens and clicks. Email campaign analytics shows some important key points which helps in tracking emails for their delivery and open rate and they are as follows:

DeliveredThe delivered section shows the total number of emails that reach the email box.

OpenedThe opened section shows the number of leads who opened the sent email.

Open RateOpen Rate is total number of opened emails divided by total number of delivered emails.

ClickClick section shows number of times the links present in the email is being clicked.

Link Click Count:

This section shows total number of times links present in the email are being clicked. As shown in the image below, the links along with the count of a particular link is being clicked is listed. This is one of the most important metrics as it tells you whether your email was relevant enough that the leads took interest in it.

Email Open Count:

This section shows the total number of times an email is being opened by a particular lead. As can be seen from the image below, the emails of the leads who has opened the sent emails are listed along with the total number of times the email is being opened under count column. Using this data it is easier to find out that who is interested in your business and further follow up emails can be send to such customers .

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