Workflows in Fusionmint can have two modes i.e. draft mode and publish mode. When a workflow is in draft mode, you actually keep the workflow with all the settings secured with you and can do workarounds in the created workflow. Any create and update action performed on the items does not trigger the workflow when in draft mode. When a workflow is published it gets triggered with any create update action performed on the items depending on the type of trigger used.

It is recommended to test the workflow before publishing it as you may miss on something while configuring the workflow, also sending inappropriate emails to customers can damage your company's reputation so follow the best practices depicted below to make your workflows error proof.

Best Practices of creating and publishing Workflows:

1. Configure the workflow with appropriate data and settings.

2. After configuring the workflow, save the flow and test it.

3. If the test executes successfully you can publish the workflow.

4. If the test does not pass, recheck the saved workflow and make corrections by editing the workflow. 

5. Use edit option to make any changes to the created workflow and use discard draft to discard the changes which are not published.

Testing a Workflow:

Go to the workflow and click on the "Test" button of the workflow that you want to test and then follow the steps below:

1. Select the item for which you want to test the workflow.

2. Click on "Test Workflow".

3. Observe the test output.

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