Restricted Domains are very useful in controlling access of data from the users added in the domain and the same is explained in the previous articles as well. Apart from just controlling access of items in an app, restricted domain can be used in many different ways such as managing a project or sales and marketing related data of an organization.

In case of project management, there can be several people involved at different levels and members in different modules of the  project should not be able to access each other's data. Breaking up the project in different modules and further dividing it between team members is required to manage and organize the project properly. When the huge complex project is broken down into smaller units (modules), those units are then assigned to Team Leaders and no two team leaders should be able to access each other's module data. The diagram below shows the project management hierarchy. We have considered 3 levels to manage the project but there can be more levels involved.

The above diagram shows the project management hierarchy and the type of access they may have is explain below:

1. At the topmost level we have Project manager who have access to all the modules involved in the project.

2. At the second level we have Team Leader who have only access to the module they are responsible for.

3. At the bottommost level we have Team Members who have access to only the work assigned to them by the team leader.

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