Data collected from Google form responses can be imported in Fusionmint and that data is useful in running campaigns for captured leads and sending automated emails. It is described below that what are google forms and how to use them to get responses and import form data to Fusionmint.

Google Forms:

Using Google forms you can plan events, make a survey or poll, give students a quiz, or collect other information. You can create a form from Google Drive add questions to it and sent it to get responses. The image below shows a template google form. For more information on how to create google forms and get responses click on the link below:

Responses received from the form can be seen under Responses tab as summary of all responses received and also as individual responses. To stop receiving responses turn "Accepting responses" from On to Off. To view all responses in a excel spreadsheet click on spreadsheet iconSpreadsheet.After conversion the spreadsheet gets saved in the Google drive.

Importing Google form responses to Fusionmint:

1. Go to the workspace and select "New" drop down.

2. Select "Create from Google Drive" to import the excel from Google Drive.

3. Select Google Account from the drop down and if your account is not listed click on "Add Account". For more information on how to add an account click here.

4. Selected account's files and folders will get listed. Choose the google form response spreadsheet you want to import and click on "Select File" button.

5. The opened window ask for application's name and description where the imported data will reside. The first row of the spreadsheet behaves as the column labels. Select the datatype of the imported fields as per the table below and modify the name of fields from the name column if required. Click on "Create Application". 

Note: Data type of the fields should be chosen carefully otherwise the data will not be imported properly. While importing the date field, data type Date/Time should be chosen and under settings column the correct format of date should be selected.  If the date format that you are using does not match any of the existing date formats then type in the date format and press "Enter" from keyboard, new format will get added.

Google Form Fields
Data Type

Short Answer
Multiple Choice
Linear Scale

6. The Spreadsheet will get imported and the status of import can be seen under Excel Import tab. Once the import is complete the created application can be seen in workspace.

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