How data imported from Google Sheets and Google Forms ?

The responses obtained from Google forms by running surveys, opinion polls, event registration etc is converted to sheets before import. The email addresses of the google form responders can be captured that can be used to run campaigns, sending automated emails and to serve several other purposes. The data imported from Google Sheets (whether it is a google form responder sheet or from spreadsheet) is stored in an application as items and can be used in the following ways:

1. Running Campaigns:

Using the data imported from these sources one can run email campaigns for any existing or new product and services, for sending ads, request for business etc. Running campaign is sending a definite series of emails to the leads/contacts and marketing the product and services you provide to make your leads sales ready. Click on the link below to know how you can run marketing campaigns for the imported leads/contacts.

2. Sending automated emails:

Leads/Contacts which are imported from excel to Fusionmint can be sent automated emails on any sales favorable action they perform or if they have shown interest in your product or services by filling in your google form survey but no communication happened since then, automated emails can be send to such leads/contacts if they do not contact after 7 days or any such other email automation can be created. Click on the link below to know how to send automated emails to imported leads/contacts.