Workflow is generally a series of tasks that generates an outcome on completion. In Fusionmint we can have both custom and automated workflows. The automated workflows have some fixed steps that runs to produce an outcome but custom workflows lets you add steps of your choice to produce the desired outcome and here is how you can do it in Fusionmint:
(In this article we are creating a workflow for sending pdf invoice to customers through email)

1. Go to the workspace and select the Workflow tab.

2. Click on "+New" dropdown and select New Workflow.

3. Type in the Name and the Description and click on save Workflow button.

4. Click on "+Add Step" dropdown, select "Event" and then "+Add" button.

5. Select Application from the target application drop down. The workflow will get triggered for the selected application. Select event and filter as per the requirement. For more information on filters click here.

6. Click on "+ Add Step" and select "PDF" and then "+Add" button.

7. Configure PDF for its page setting and content.


8. Now to send this PDF invoice to the customers click on "+Add Step" and select "Email" and then "'+Add" button.

9. Configure email receiver, subject and message body using configurable template and check mark the PDF page check box to send the PDF attachment in the mail.

10. Select the workflow trigger type for when you want the workflow to be triggered and save the workflow by clicking on the Save button. Test the created workflow and get it published. For more details on workflow triggers click here.

For more such custom workflow use cases click here.