Here we are creating a workflow that will export the app items to your Google Drive or Dropbox account's folder as an excel and along with that scheduler is provided which updates the exported excel for any changes (create/update) made in the app item on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Here is how to create such a flow:

Step 1:   Application Excel

Click on "+Add Step" and select "Excel Export" and then "+Add".

Select the application whose items are to be exported, type in the filename (by default the filename is the name of the selected app) and checkmark the app fields that you want to export (by default all are checked). Multiple filter conditions can be applied to app fields and export will execute only for the app items who matches the filter condition (Using filter is optional).

Step 2: Email 

Click on "+Add Step" and select "Email" and then "+Add".

Configure email receiver, subject and message body using configurable template. Application Excel checkbox should be checked.

Step 3: Google Drive /Dropbox Save file

Click on "+Add Step" and select "Google Drive/ Dropbox", "Save File" and then "+Add".

Select the Google account in which you want the exported excel to get saved. Use the “Browse Folder” button to select the target google drive folder where you want to save the excel. Clicking this button opens a popup window with all folders in your google account.

Step 4: Workflow Type 

This step lets you decide the workflow execution schedule and only on the basis of this schedule the workflow will run and re-run. The workflow execution can be schedule to run daily, weekly or monthly at a specific time.


Step 5: Save, Test and Publish

Save the workflow after all configuration by clicking on the Save button , Test it and Publish the workflow.

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