For adding tasks to the app items automatically for any create/ update or no action performed on the items the following workflow should be created.

This flow takes an app as the first step and task app in the second step so that tasks for the app items can be created automatically for any create /update action they perform on the item. For creating task for all the items in an app select "no event" in events and choose the workflow type as "Run only once for an app".

Step 1: Event

Click on "+Add Step", select "Event" and then "+Add".

Select Application for whose items you want the task to be created. Select event and filters for on what action you want the task to get created (using filters is optional).

Step 2: Task

Click on "+Add Step", select "New Task" and then click on "+Add".

Type in the task name and  description or select it from the app item fields option (present on the right of each field). Select the task dates (dates cannot be entered manually in the fields). Select the task target (application in this case).

Step 3: Workflow Type

Select the workflow type for when you want the task to be added to the item.

Step 4: Save> Test> Publish

Save the workflow after all configuration by clicking on the Save button , test it and get it published.

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