If you want field/ fields to get updated in items for some action you perform then this workflow should be used. Here is the basic workflow that you need to create:

In this workflow, we are printing invoice by selecting print invoice field as "Yes" in the item and then sending the PDF as an attachment in email, saving the same PDF in Google drive as a copy and ultimately updating the print invoice field to "Done" from "Yes" (which indicates that invoice printing is completed) in the item field. Field get updated automatically from print PDF "Yes" to "Done" once the workflow is complete.

Step 1: Event

Click on "+Add Step", select "Event" and then "+Add".

Select the target application, event type (the flow initiates as per the event selected e.g. if "When item is updated" is selected, the flow will initiate when item in the selected application is updated) and the filter conditions (optional).

Step 2: PDF

Click on "+Add Step" ,select "PDF" and then click on "+Add".

Set the options for creating the PDF file. Set the Page layout using the “Layout” setting, page size using the “Size” setting. Page margins for PDF are set to a default value of 10 mm and they can be modified if needed by using the page margin settings.

Step 3: Email

Click on "+Add Step" ,select "Email" and then click on "+Add".

Configure email receiver, subject and message body using configurable template.

Step 4: Google Drive/ Dropbox


Once you have completed the PDF content writing step, move towards the next step which is adding Google Drive/Dropbox app. Use the “Browse Folder” button to select the target google drive folder where you want to save this PDF. Clicking this button opens a popup window with all folders in your google account.

"Attach file from app" option is present at the end of the app, ask you that from which of the above app you want the PDF file to be saved in google drive/ dropbox. Select PDF page for this workflow.

Step 5: Update Item

Click on "+Add Step" ,select "Update Item" and then click on "+Add".

Select the Item Update Target (Application in this case) and type in the value in the field that you want to update. In case you want to enter multiple values in the email, phone and status field, type in the values separated by a comma. Date range should be separated by tidle ("~") .

Step 6: Workflow Type

Select the workflow type for when you want the selected fields to be updated.

Step 7: Save> Test> Publish

Save the workflow after all configuration by clicking on the Save button ,Test it and Publish the workflow.

Behaviour of some fields are different as they support multiple field values, their behaviour is depicted in the table below:

Behaviour of Email, Phone and Status fields while doing update from workflow 

No value in item field  Some value in item field                     Same values in update item workflow  and item field Incorrect value in update workflow
Multiple is checked in field setup Workflow field value Workflow field value + Existing item field value  Both values will be merged The incorrect values will not be updated
Multiple is unchecked in field setup
Workflow field value
Workflow field value
Both values will be merged
The incorrect values will not be updated

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