If you want to create a new item in the application with any create/ update action performed on the same or other application then this is what your basic flow configuration should look like.

Step 1: Event

Click on "+Add Step", select "Event" and then "+Add".

Select the target application, event and filters. Select event for on what action (Create/update) performed on the item you want the workflow to initiate and filters for on what field value you want the workflow to initiate (using filters is optional).

Step 2: New Item

Click on "+Add Step", select "New Item" and then click on "+Add".

Select the application in which you want the item to get created and fill in field values with which you want the item to get created.

Step 3: Workflow Type

Select the workflow type for when you want the new item to get added in the application

Step 4: Save> Test> Publish

Save the workflow after all configuration by clicking on the Save button , Test it and Publish the workflow.